President's Advisory Board

Our Board of Directors at the Wealth & Wisdom Institute is comprised of a group of talented business professionals, dedicated to teaching individuals the science of preserving wealth in the face of difficult economic times.

Leonard A. Renier


Len Renier

Founder, Wealth & Wisdom Educational Systems

President, Renier & Associates

Corporate Training Specialist

Retirement Planning Specialist

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Grecia Martinez

Legal Consultant and Advisor

Grecia Marinez



Contracts and Company Agreements

Consultant on Terms and Agreements



Scott Keiper

Contributor at Wealth & Wisdom Events

Scott is a Leading Life and Million Dollar Roundtable Producer. His planning skills are shared at Wealth & Wisdom events.


David E Ayres, CLU

Chief Executive Officer of Armor Wealth Management

David Ayres

Board of Directors for GAMA
Chairman for Professional Development Committee of GAMA
Serves on the Board for the Journey of Hope