It’s time to talk open and honestly. This is not intended to be a lecture, sales pitch or a rant blaming one group or the other. This is intended to be a discussion about your life, more importantly your financial life and how it is systematically being confiscated without any evidence of a crime. The perpetrators who are making your life different are also the ones who control the rules and continually put you at risk. Then, the same people who are causing the problems go about advising you how you should live your life.

You may have noticed a tremendous amount of economic changes and challenges that have or are about to, impact the average American. Although many of the headlines and fifteen second sound bites report that the economy is improving, there are elements in the economic trends and shifts that will dramatically reshape the financial lifestyles of most Americans.

We are living in a very historical time. The next 500 to 5000 days will be critical time in the direction America is heading.

Not long ago, from a distance we stood and watched people lose their homes and retirement dreams. In that historical moment we discovered the lack of understanding about economic trends and shifts and how they impact peoples’ lives. At this point, the reality is, the only thing financial thinking can clearly predict are the financial loses people may face in the future due to taxes, inflation and depreciation of the dollar. I believe there is a great opportunity for you to increase your business now and change the lives of everyone you meet.

Almost every American is involved in the evolution of transferring away most of their wealth to those who create the situation, control the outcome and profit from it. Yet most Americans continue to rely on the steadiness and trustworthiness of the government and the other service industries to guide their future. Unfortunately, these groups create the most transfers of wealth in their lives.

In many ways industries continue to embrace the “product” not wisdom. Knowledge is something you learn; Wisdom is the ability to apply Knowledge to your everyday life. The problem is, traditional thinking continues to focus its planning goals 20 to 30 years from now but most Americans are looking for answers that can impact their lives in the next 20 to 30 days. In traditional thinking you will quickly learn that stability, in long term planning, is often an illusion and you will soon discover that “hope” is not a very good strategy.

I believe you have a tremendous opportunity to “Become the Solution” in your clients life. In our business we have the leverage to make things happen. We have the desire to do the work we believe in and a marketplace begging us for answers, but many in our business lack the ability to connect the challenges people face to the solutions they really need. Unfortunately many American households are undisciplined, unready in many cases unaware that they are involved in the battle for their financial future. Today your marketing and communication should be engaging people with information that will change their everyday lives and introduces you as the solution.