The Battle For Our Future

Over the past several years Leonard Renier has studied the economic and social impact of government programs on the social fabric of our society. His research on government spending has resulted in forecasting events that have changed and that are about to change life in America with amazing accuracy. His insight, information and knowledge address the concern of almost everyone that has a stake in the future. Leonard is considered an expert in communicating the challenges that are confronting our country and every individual American. Understanding these challenges is the key to preparing for them.

As founder of the Wealth & Wisdom Institute Leonard Renier relies heavily on his experience. He has been involved in the financial services industry for over 30 years. He served on the advisory committee at Wayne State University School of Business and School of Finance. Leonard also spoke at the Federal Reserve of Chicago Money Smart Week for two years. His discussion received the Board’s highest honors. He has also authored five books on Infinity Publishing’s Best Sellers List. His discussion with political and financial leaders across the country has brought new insight and need for education. Leonard believes knowledge is something you learn, wisdom is the ability to apply that knowledge to your everyday life.

Leonard’s thought provoking discussions are intended to stimulate thinking. Over the past several years he has trained thousands of professionals in the financial services industry. Leonard has served, in an advisory capacity, on boards of major corporations. His message has been delivered on radio and television and he wrote in the news media for several years. Leonard is President of Renier & Associates and Wealth & Wisdom Institute EDU. He is creator of The Money Matrix, The Family Legacy, The Defining Moment and Sudden Impact Software. His training in communication skills are considered the best in the industry.