Sudden Impact

There is a deep concern about the path we are traveling as a nation and the impact it will have on everyone’s financial future. Off in the distance there are definite signs that something is happening and it is not good. Financially speaking, the horizon is darkening quickly, though the sun is shining now. Together, the dramatically changing demographics and unsustainable government plans are creating a crisis that will touch everyone. Knowing what is going to happen, before it does, is critical. Being able to prepare for these events is critical for your financial survival. 

Unintended Consequences

Most Americans, unknowingly and unnecessary, give away most of their wealth. Unintended Consequences identifies ten of the most common transfers of wealth. Discovering these transfers gives everyone the opportunity to recapture these wealth transfers and improve their financial future. 

The Defining Moment

For many Americans, their current economic situation is a matter of choice not a matter of chance. But how can people be aware of something they are not aware of and how can they say yes or no to ideas that they don’t even know exists? The Defining Moments introduces a ten step realignment in financial thinking. Discover the challenges you face and the myths and realities of traditional financial thinking. 

The Family Legacy

The dramatically changing demographics, current economic trends and shifts and uncontrollable government spending will be overwhelming on everyone’s financial future. In a brief discussion, discover a possible game changing solution. 

Essential Lessons-The Challenges & Solutions

Essential Lessons-The Challenges & Solutions In Recapturing & Rebuilding Your Financial Future
The question is, what has the financial services industry done in the last ten years to improve anyone’s life? The Essential Lessons are pivotal discussions that teach you how money works in your life. Knowledge is something you learn; wisdom is the ability to apply that knowledge to your everyday life. You may discover that traditional financial thinking continues to feed the problems you should be trying to avoid.


Discover how your financial life is systematically being confiscated without any evidence of a crime. In traditional financial thinking, results lie somewhere between hope and hopelessness. You may also discover in traditional thinking that stability is often an illusion and hope is not a good strategy. In many ways traditional planning is simply an effort to earn more money than you are about to lose. The average American household is undisciplined, unready and in many cases unaware that they are in a battle for their financial future. Still, many people rely on the steadiness and trustworthiness of the government and financial services industry to guide them into the future. Unfortunately these two groups create the most transfers of wealth in their lives. 

Essential Lessons of Communication-Words

Expanding Your Communications Skills. Discussions and Conversations That Will Change Your Thought Process

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Bring your Annuity Back to Life

There may be opportunities right in front of you that you don’t see