Questions that rarely get answered in traditional financial thinking...

Answers that could change your future.

The purpose of Wealth & Wisdom Institute is to discuss with the consumer the challenges and myths & realities surrounding the financial services industry. For the protection of the public, Wealth & Wisdom Institute examines the issues and goals of traditional financial thinking. The concern is, without insight, information and education the consumer has no foundation to ask important and pivotal questions that will support their decision making process. If a consumer is unaware of the questions they should be asking, Wealth & Wisdom discussions help them discover the questions and answers that will bring some clarity to their planning efforts. These questions and how they are answered by an advisor may help the public identify a knowledgeable financial professional.

The problem is, in some cases, as a member of the financial services industry and under the guidance of industry compliance, we are not allowed to share some information and insight with the public and question the focus of the industry. Wealth & Wisdom brings insight and information to the consumer that is usually relegated to footnotes in industry brochures, products and websites.  Unfortunately, many times what is allowed in an industry compliance approved presentation is not education. It’s product information. The real education for the consumer begins within the company disclaimers and product footnotes. The dilemma for the consumer when planning their financial future is to overcome the challenges presented in these disclaimers and footnotes.

Wealth & Wisdom Institute will continue to bring insight, information and education to the public. It will continue to bring awareness to professionals in the industry. We believe the consumer has a right to ask questions about the industry and the industry has an obligation to answer them. Consumer protection starts with a client knowing the questions to ask and then allowing the client to “think” instead of being told “what to think”.

The success of Wealth & Wisdom Institute is not company or product related. It is centered on the Science of Human Relationships, Communication and the need to advance Education, Discovery and Understanding into a client’s life.